Hi! I’m Bri - creator of the Mama Blessing Collective. 

I have always known that being a mom is what the Lord put me on this Earth to do. That doesn’t make motherhood easy though. In fact, I would say that motherhood has been the most trying, refining and edifying journey of my life. When I had my first daughter in 2017, we were among the first of our friend group to begin having kids, and that made for an isolating few years. 

As our friends began to have kids, it was my heart to come alongside and let them know that they were seen, and loved and taken care of in the life-changing season that they were in. From this place The Mama Blessing Collective was born. 

I want moms to know that though their journey is unique, it is not new; and whatever they may be experiencing, there is a mom somewhere who has been there and who wants to share. I desire for moms to know the real and living God who wants to walk with us in the struggles, stresses, and the joy of motherhood. My heart for MBC is to bless mothers of all walks; to bring joy, encouragement, and community  into a part of life that can feel very lonely.